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Your Account and Privacy Notice


We require all customers to register an account with our site.  For your convenience, you can use your account to check the status of current orders, reference past orders, and store a record of all your shipping and billing addresses. You can modify your account information at any time, or delete your account entirely, by visiting the My Account link at the top of the page.

We may use the information that you provide upon registration for such purposes as improving our store, advertising upcoming product sales and communicating with you about your order status.


We receive and store only the customer information you enter on our site when registering for a user account.  We store no credit card or other payment information on our site, nor do we ever gain access to it via this interface; all payments are processed using a secure offsite service via PayPal Pro.


Please do let us know if we can assist you in identifying older weatherstripping profiles or other items you may have historically ordered via Accurate Weatherstripping. We provide custom profile orders upon special request.

Accurate Machine-Made Weatherstripping/Bagala Window Works welcomes new contacts in the historical restoration community; do get in touch to see how our products can enhance your preservation-related business venture!